Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Finkster: too bad she probably believes in keeping her shirt on at work, too.


K Sasser: I voted for Badnarik. Voting Libertarian is like peeing one's pants. It gives you a nice warm feeling, but no one else notices.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Mango: Look, I think Hitler is a bad guy, but if I could put the 45 million americans who are going to vote for Kerry in the ovens, I might consider it

Mango: you know, I'd be willing to have Kerry as president for 4 years, if I could smash Teresa in the head with a sledgehammer

KE: anyways republicans will believe anything just so they can keep getting their tax breaks without feeling any guilt that the rest of america is suffering from bush's deficit

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Quotes, quotes and more QUOTES!

  1. "You really find some seriously fucked up shit... you know this..."- dogtulosba
  2. "You make most men's lives look like an episode of the care bears."-Piddle
  3. "I hate babies"- Mikeb
  4. "My penis and balls, are about the size of a dime"- Poopy pants
  5. "dude...its pretty sweet that my mom works for the FBI....so EVERYWHERE i go online is monitored.....and it is another good thing that i was on your blog and found a terrorist site."- Mikeb
  6. "No, I just have no interest in reading what morons have to say. I don't read Michael Moore, and I don't read the R6 MN"- Mango
  7. "I'm out like michael J fox in a game of jenga"- Timmay"
  8. Me: You still fucking that girl you babysat? Yea shes naked on myspace." "Oh yea, Just like when you sucked her tits on the 4th, and then she got railed and went through my bedroom window and cut her head."
  9. "Irish?! I've heard they have tight butt holes"-Dwayne
  10. Timmay: "I fucking hate hippies. My brother has some hippie tendencies sometimes. I will need to "re-educate" him. Me: With a baseball bat
  11. "Ya, ok, see ya ... dont fuck on the first date."-Jen
  12. HomieOh: So this girl says to me, "my butsex virginity stays, but you can fuck me in the ass beucase your the hottest thing in the world" Jen: Butt sex is rad
  13. Jen: dick nazi
  14. Pat: (Man talking to a little boy) "Quit being like your mother or I'm going to have to kick the shit out of you."
  15. "You wouldnt get away with it at home..." Bullshit. He beat her hard....the cofee one though - lets be hoenst. She was asking for that. If she had taken her time and was careful and really cared about him, she wouldnt have spilled the coffee...-Dirtiest individual EVER
  16. "I am very thankful that you dont put email addresses with the things I say. I say things that even I would write me hatemail about."-Dirtiest individual Ever
  17. "man she has a nice twat too..."-Thrak
  18. My buddy is going to Iraq and he's already promised a picture of his platoon in front of one of Saddam's palaces holding a "Micheal Moore is a douchebag" banner.-Pat
  19. You still are going to drench her in cum your first go'round... ;-)-Thrak
  20. "I love when you call me a poop-dick sonofabitch"-Broken